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Cars with European Auction Car Service (Euauservice) are 40% cheaper

Cars with European Auction Car Service are 40% cheaper

The advent of the Internet has dramatically simplified the purchase of a used car and led to the transformation of auto retailers online. However, car sales websites continue to be very popular with buyers. But choosing a place for these purposes is not easy, because it is almost impossible to get a premium car from Europe in good condition on your own.

The difference between premium cars and serial production of the automotive industry is not only in appearance and engine size, but also in equipment, comfort level and status, especially when it comes to German cars in the upper price segment.

It is not for nothing that Mercedes and BMW have been holding the lead in the premium car segment for many years in a row, both in the primary and secondary markets.

Benefits of buying a car in Europe.

Take a look at the domestic German car market. The situation is almost bleak. Indecently high prices at dealers and incomprehensible biography of cars in the secondary market. Such conditions are suitable only for some, so those who want to save money and buy a great car immediately pay attention to the German market.

Now there are about 20 car factories in Germany, including such well-known “monsters” of the industry as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche. There are also smaller factories, not very famous all over the world, but also producing excellent cars. You can buy a good car traditionally and at a specialized auction.

Special offer from Euauservice

To understand how you can profitably buy a great German car, use the European Auction Car service, and not only the brands mentioned, but also Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche.
Without going into the bureaucratic subtleties of the car market, the company has a catalog of cars that it purchases at auctions, and not just auctions, but those where cars are presented from official dealers and leasing companies.

The main focus of the company is on cars that worked in corporate divisions, advertising and leasing companies, participated in test drives at official dealers, and so on. And these are not all mass market cars, but executive sedans, crossovers and coupes. As a rule, these are models with low mileage and not older than 3-5 years, carefully checked for technical condition and appearance.
For the end buyer, such cars, despite the premium status, are cheaper by 30-40 percent compared to the price tags of the market.

More about offers

The company, located in Europe, works remotely with foreign clients. The client, first of all, uses the catalog and selects a car according to his requirements and budget. Then it is advisable to confirm the presence of the car in the catalog with a specialist, and then discuss payment options and the nuances of paperwork. Read reviews about the company, thousands of satisfied customers.

The company offers acceptable terms of cooperation. There are several payment options for a used car bought at an auction. The first is a classic prepayment, when at the initial stage a part of the amount is paid, and after the car is sent from the port, the rest of the money is paid.
Alternative purchase options are an installment transaction at a minimum interest rate.
After the paperwork is completed, the car is ready for shipment.

The delivery time of the car after agreeing on the terms of purchase for most customers is about two or three weeks, but this period can be extended for countries far from Europe.

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