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From SNL and The Tonight Show to Sotheby’s:  NFT Creator Bryan Brinkman

From SNL and The Tonight Show to Sotheby’s: NFT Creator Bryan Brinkman

From working on and as an animator to now having more than 1,000 collectors of his NFTs, Bryan Brinkman is an example of how a digital artist can thrive in ways never before possible.

Best described as a digital pop artist with an emphasis on animation, Brinkmans fans include high-profile NFT collectors such as Pranksy, J1mmy.eth and WhaleShark. He has also been featured at Christies and had fractionalized art of his put up for auction at Sothebys.

Scroll by Bryan Brinkman. (SuperRare)Peace Sign Dude by Killer Acid, animated by Patrick Passaro. (SuperRare)Bettys Notebook, a collaboration with Async Music. This worlds first programmable music NFT made $375,000 in sales. (Async Music)Flywheel, an edition of 15, from the CTRL collection. CTRL was released on Nifty Gateway Curated on Sept. 16, 2022 and sold out, grossing over $100,000. (Nifty Gateway)Explode. Sold at Sothebys off-chain for $75,600 on Oct. 26, 2021 to Pranksy. (SuperRare)Yearn. Secondary market sale for 18 ETH ($58,400 equivalent on the date of sale) on Aug. 23, 2021. (SuperRare) Breezy by Bryan Brinkman. (Nifty Gateway) Read also Features Features Bull Run by Bryan Brinkman. (Nifty Gateway) Subscribe The most engaging reads in blockchain. Delivered once a week.



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