Take a deep breath. Here’s why rage applying won’t get you a better job

By Aoibhinn Mc Bride

Yet another passive aggressive email from a colleague; being asked to attend a meeting that could have been an email; someone leaving their used teabags in the sink in the communal kitchen for the umpteenth time…

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter how monumental or inconsequential the occurrence may be, even the slightest annoyance can be enough to make you down tools, reconsider your entire career and/or future within an organisation and hastily prompt you to start looking for a new job. Any job.

Dubbed “rage applying” on TikTok, this workplace trend seems harmless enough on the surface, but applying for a new job while the red mist is still in situ isn’t the best way to go about things for a number of reasons.

Not the most effective approach

Taking your anger out on your keyboard may feel therapeutic in the moment but applying for jobs when tensions are high and you aren’t thinking clearly can often prove to be a waste of your time and energy in the long run.

For starters, every application you make should be carefully honed using specific keywords gleaned from the job description.

This is because 75 per cent of recruiters or hiring managers are now using some form of applicant tracking system (ATS) software to automatically reject CVs that don’t match up with the job description before a set of human eyes ever reads them.

It’s also important to carefully research the companies you’re applying to for your own sake. Do you really want to leave your current position for a role that you haven’t carefully considered? Or for an organisation that doesn’t align with your own values?

Taking the time to conduct your own research and reach out to your professional network is a much better way to navigate your search and can prove to be much more valuable too.

Planning your exit strategy

From brushing up on your technical skills to availing of professional development courses and workshops, before you look for a new job it’s important to address any gaps on your CV.

By identifying weak spots, you’ll be able to plan your exit strategy accordingly and in reality, you’ll need to give yourself at least six months to complete training, either internally or from an external provider you’re paying for yourself.

By setting achievable deadlines and working towards specific goals, you’ll be in a much stronger position to go after the jobs you really want or hand in your notice without a job offer in place.

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Java Full Stack Developer (all genders) for Industry X, Accenture

Accenture is seeking a Java Full Stack Developer (all genders) for Industry X to join its division that uses the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), data and virtual reality (VR) to help businesses adapt their engineering and manufacturing operations.

The new hire, who will be based in Munich, will be required to develop, implement and architect customer solutions throughout the development process of highly innovative software applications in the frontend and backend environment. As customers are based in German-speaking countries, good to very good knowledge of German is required (at least C1 level). See the full job description here.

IT Project Manager (m/w/d), Computacenter

As the IT Project Manager for complex IT infrastructure projects, you will support customers in digital transformation, and implement innovative state-of-the-art projects in the field of data centre and cloud computing, mobile workplace, unified communication and collaboration, network and security, and industry 4.0. As the central contact person based in Berlin, you will hold all the strings and also assume commercial responsibility for your projects. This post is flexible and allows you to work from home. View more details here.

Senior Enterprise Account Manager, Airbnb

The Senior Enterprise Account Manager will own a portfolio of Airbnb’s key accounts and act as the key representative in the industry for these partners, executing a global win-win strategy for this portfolio that drives value to all parties and positions Airbnb as a top strategic partner across all distribution channels. This Milan-based role involves leveraging data to make decisions on how to best expand and enhance host supply through existing partnerships. Applicants should have seven-plus years’ of strategic partnerships and/or key account management experience, a proven track record of executing strategic partnerships and be comfortable performing data analytics and making decisions based on these results. Find out more information here.

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